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See my Gun List Page for the list of revolvers that I build holsters for. To make an inquiry or order please vist and review my Contact Page.

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photo of holster

#1R - Number-One Revolver Holster

Illustrated above: Smith & Wesson 4 inch, K-frame, natural russet color, rough-side-out with contrasting smooth-side-out reinforced mouth-band, 1.5" belt loops, right hand. Also available smooth-side-out as illustrated below.

The #1R rides slightly below the belt line. Many women, most of whom are short-waisted, will benefit from this dropped belt loop. The #1R positions the revolver lower on the belt and alleviates having to leaning and struggle during presentation. This is a problem for most female shooters and some men.

Price: $90.00 + shipping

photo of holster

#1R - Number-One Revolver Holster

Illustrated above: Smith & Wesson 4 inch, N-frame, natural russet cowhide, smooth-side-out, right hand, 1.5 inch belt loop.

Price: $90.00 + shipping

photo* of holster

IWB-R - Inside-the-Waist-Band Revoler Holster

Illustrated above: IWB-R revolver holster, for S&W 4" K-frame, 1.5" belt loops, rough-side-out with contrasting metal reinforced mouthband. Also available for N-frame. Built from top grade tooling grade cowhide. Belt loops are detachable and are available in 1.25", 1.50" and 1.75".

Extra belt loops are $15.00 a set.

Price: $85.00 + shipping

photo of holster

#1RPH - Number-One Revolver Pocket Holster

Illustrated above: S&W M-642, rough-out, contrasting mouth band. The mouth band also serves as a push-off, should the holster hang on your gun. This holster carries easily in the front pocket of 511s, Chinos and Wrangler jeans.

Only available in S&W J-Frame.

Price: $60.00 + shipping

photo of cartridge pouch

RCP - Revolver Cartridge Pouch

Illustrated above: contrasting rough-side-out /  grain-side-out, in natural russet color. Available for 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch or 1.75 inch belts, nickle or brass color hardware. Cartridge capacity is 6 rounds.

Specify .38/.357, .44 or .45 Colt caliber.

$50.00 + shipping