Custom Gun Leather

Pistol Leather

I build limited gun leather, see my Gun List for the complete list. Also note that I'm only working with natural russet color leather; I am currently not working with dyes or dyed leather. Your choices are: smooth-side-out (grain-side) or rough-side-out (flesh-side). My holsters are hand boned and detailed, I do not smash them in a press like mass production holster makers.

Shipping/handling fees are on my Gun List.

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holster image

#1P - #1 Pistol Holster (above)

This is my copy of the late Bruce Nelson's #1 Professional.
Illustrated above: 1911 Government Model in natural russet color, rough-side-out. Also available smooth side out.
Price: $80.00 + shipping/handling

holster image

#2P - #2 Pistol Holster (above)

Illustrated above: 1911 Government Model, in natural russet color cowhide, smooth-side-out, right hand. Also available in rough-out. This holster is a #1P with a reinforced mouth.
Price: $95.00 + shipping/handling

holster image

#1-IWB (above)

This holster is patterned after the late Bruce Nelson's Summer Special. Illustrated above: 1911 Government Model, in natural russet color, rough-side-out, right hand. Belt loops are available in 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch, 1.75 inch only. Comes with one set of belt loops your choice. Additional sets of belts loops are $18.00 per pair. Belt loops are attached by a common slot head screw; no weird tools are needed for the hardware that I use.
Price of holster with 1 set of belt loops: $75.00 + shipping/handling

holster image

#2-IWB (above)

#2-IWB this design has a "sweat-shield" that extends upward at the rear of the scabbard to prevent gouging and fraying your clothing and torso. it also provides some protection for the pistol from sweat. Illustrated at left: 1911 Government Model; built from rough-side-out with contrasting grain-side mouth-band and belt loops. The mouth-band is metal reinforced. Belt loops are 1.5" which is standard on this model. Belt loops are detachable: extra set of belt loops $15.00, available in 1.25", 1.5" and 1.75". [Extra belt loops are $15.00 a set.] Price: $85.00 + shipping/handling

image double mag pouch

DMP - Double Magazine Pouch (above)

Illustrated above: 1911 .45 ACP size magazines; smooth-side-out, natural russet color, 1.5" belt loops, right hand - to be worn left side. Also available in rough-out. Available with belt loops in 1.25", 1.5" or 1.75".
Price: $60.00 + shipping/handling

image single mag pouch

SMP - Single Magazine Pouch (above)

Illustrated above: 1911 Single magazine pouches both rough-side-out and grain-side-out (smooth). Available in 1.25" and 1.5" belt loops.
Price: $55.00 + shipping fees