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Firearms Training References:

  • The Book of Two Guns - Tiger McKee
    This book is a detailed composition of the defensive handgun and carbine. It leaves little doubt in your mind what it's about. This is a solid foundation of fundamentls.

  • AR15 Skills and Drills - Tiger McKee
    Learn to run the AR15/M4 platform. This book covers everything you need to know about the defensive urban rifle. These are the fundamentals - fundamentals win fights.

Gun Work:

  • Brownells Gunsmithing and Tools
    Brownells needs no introduction, they can provide you with the best of firearms services. Especially tools!

  • Heinie Specialty Products, Inc.
    Richard Heinie master gunsmith specializes in the manufacture of highest quality of handgun sights and accessories. More than 40 years in service.

  • Knives by Tiger McKee
    Custom Knives, owed and operated by Tiger McKee. Contact him through his website - the Shootright Firearms Training Academy.

Defensive Firearms Training

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  • Gun Owners of America
    If you value Freedom and Liberty, you should join the GOA. The only hardline, no compromise 2nd Amendment group in America. - Free Men Bear Arms

  • NRA
    The National Rifle Association needs no introduction. If you're not a member consider joining ... protection your Second Amendment!

  • Second Amendment Foundation
    No organization takes on the anti-gunners like The SAF. Become part of one of the most efficient pro-gun rights groups in America. The SAF ... Winning firearms freedoms one court case at a time.

  • Free Men Bear Arms Texas State Rifle Association
    Join your state's second amendment organization and protect your right to bear arms. - In Texas it's the TSRA!

Legal Defense

  • U.S.-Texas Law Shield
    Legal Defense for Self-Defense .... This is a common sense organization. If you have to use force or deadly force, you'll need legal defense. It covers both criminal and civil defense; this is not an insurance policy, there is no cap, the annual membership covers it all.

GunBroker Auction:


  • Captain Baylor's Life and Times
    This site belongs to a former Thunder Ranch Texas student; it documents his experience. For me it brings back good memories. "You can't forget memories!" ~ Hondo Crouch ... I shared his experience. I hope you'll enjoy his site.
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