Custom Gun Leather

About me and my leathercraft

I build limited gun leather you can click here to check my Gun List Page . The list will change from time to time so check back.

I learned leather-crafting as a pre-teen. I was about twelve years old when I built my first holster. That one was for an air pistol, a Hahn .45; it was a replica of the Colt's Single Action Army( SAA). A few years later I carried my first Colt's SAA in that holster. That was the beginning of my building gun leather, but I learned more about building concealed carry gun leather several years later, making repairs for my colleagues during my more than 30 years in law enforcement.

My years in law enforcement firearms training inspired me to study holster design and my observations as a firearms instructor at the PD and my 10 years at Thunder Ranch Texas (TRT) after retirement, were invaluable for that. I saw a lot of different gun leather over those years and it was under hard use. I made note of what worked and what didn't, and why.

I do all my builds in the old school way. It's all pretty much by hand - i.e. with hand tools. I don't have any automated processing, unless you want to call a handpowered stitcher automated. Each piece of gun leather requires several hours – spread out over several days to complete; certainly a lot longer than the methods of mass production so common today. I have nothing against mass production, it's just not what I do. Txgunleather is just one guy, building one piece at a time.

As far as the leather that I use. I buy from U.S. tanneries. I like "Built the U.S.A." My production time varies, I’ll keep that updated on my Contact Page.

I appreciate you spending your time on my web-pages. Thanks for your visit! ~ Bill McLennan