Custom Gun Leather

photo of my brand

Welcome to TxGunLeather

I run a one man shop, making gun leather one piece at a time, in an ol' school fashion.

photo of a roughside out holster and single magazine pouch

The concealed carrying holster in the above photo is built rough-side-out from vegetable tanned cowhide. Veg-tanned is top grade tooling leather, it's perfect for building gun leather. The rough-side-out design, that I built here, is my favorite style for concealed carry. This particular one is my copy of the late Bruce Nelson's #1 Professional. I call mine the #1P Holster, for Number-One-Pistol Holster. There are more details and info about the #1P and other semi-auto leather on my Pistol Leather page.

Please visit my other pages and note that I only build limited gun leather - see my Gun List page for those limits. I appreciate you taking the time to visit here. Feel free to email me.

Best regards ~Bill